The Cost of Selling without an Inside Sales Agent (ISA)

Making a decision to hire an inside sales agent is beneficial. When it comes to increasing revenue for your business, an inside sales agent is important. Lead enrichment will boost your sales when you have an idea for your customers. Some people have not employed an ISA. This has negative effects on the company. In one way or another, you are not maximizing your potential. The profits will not come in without an ISA. This will also mean that customers will not have a direct link with someone they know.

Here is the cost of not hiring an inside sales agent.

  1. Time wastage when traveling

Without an ISA, it means you have to travel to meet potential clients. You will traverse from place to place. This is time-consuming. Meeting them face to face might also involve lengthy discussions. By the time you are done with the first client, you have only 4 hours to see others. This might even mean not seeing others. This will make you spend a lot of time with only a handful of them.

  1. The high cost of traveling

The means of transport will be high, even if you will be meeting two customers. You will need to pay for accommodation. Food and drinks will require money too. The costs incurred could have been used to develop something new in the business. You might spend up to 3,000 dollars for the traveling budget. If you decide to send more than two people, the cost will be even higher.

  1. A small number of new customers

When you have to reach out to clients on a meet and greet basis, you might not get many of them. The number of people you get is minimal. When you compare with digital sales, the inside sales agent will reach out to many people. Technology has made things easier and helped to cut on costs. Hence, without an ISA, things will be difficult in getting new customers. The number of new contacts will be low. Establishing permanent relationships is also a challenge.

  1. Less revenue

Few customers will not add profits to your business. When you don’t have an inside sales agent, the business drags. You will not have any new transactions. The transactions per customer will be few. On the other hand, when you have an ISA, he or she reaches out to many customers bringing more profits. Without one, you will lose up to $5,000 on a bad day.

  1. No organized sales structure

An inside sales agent will come with a proper structure for sales. A team will then come up with their help. They are experts and good at their job. If you don’t have one, there will be no well-structured team. Everyone will be doing their own stuff. Teamwork is important in realizing the organization’s objectives. When you don’t hire an ISA, the production will be low. Great ideas come from people sharing their ideas. If they work on their own, it means that the business becomes slow in many ways.


An inside sales agent will help you achieve lead enrichment. They help to reach many contacts in a short time. There are no traveling costs involved because the work is done remotely. Hiring an ISA is a great step to business success.