How To Get Your FFL

To apply for ffl and get a license are among the easiest things that one can do. One can quickly become a legal holder of weapons, a dealer or a manufacturer in the United States in just a few hours and spending only a few $200.

This is a good move for someone to get the federal firearms license depending on the type of permit that one wants to get. This permits one to make firearms, silencers, machine guns, and all other types. One can still go ahead and import firearms from other countries and become a legal dealer in firearms and weapons.

If one follows the right procedures, they could even end up selling their weapons to other countries. This would make them international firearms dealers.

The advantage is that by having only two sales of firearms, one came to make back the money they had to spend. This allows one to get the weapons directly shipped to them instead of them being sent through distributors and thus saves them hundreds of dollars in the shipment of each gun.

One can also become the federal firearms license dealer and start collecting the fees of transfer and charge a markup on their sales. These steps below will help you to acquire the license in no time.

Step 1

Meet FFL Requirements

For one to possess the license, they must be at least 21years of age. The state in which one belongs to should also be allowing one to be a holder. There are however these cases of people that cannot hold the license as they are prohibited by the ATF. These include anyone who is a felon, a person convicted of any crime punishable by more than a year in prison, a person under indictment for a crime punishable for more than a year in jail, a fugitive, unlawful user of any substance that is controlled, adjudicated as a mental detective, committed to mental institution, a person who is an illegal alien, dishonorable discharge from military, renounced citizenship from US, a person subject to restraining order, a person convicted of domestic violence.

Step 2

Choose the type of FFL License

This mainly depends on what one wants to do with the license. The type one is a dealer or a gunsmith of title I GCA firearms, type 2 is a pawnbroker dealing title I GCA firearms, type 3 is a curio and a relic collector, type 6 is a manufacturer of ammunition, type 7 is a dealer/ manufacturer of title I GCA firearms, type 8 is an importer/ dealer of title I GCA firearms and ammunition, type 9 is a dealer of title 1 GCA firearms, type 10 is a manufacturer or dealer of title I GCA firearms, type 11 is an importer or dealer of title I GCA firearms.

Step 3

Take FFL online license course

Online certification courses have made the process of getting FFL license to become easy. When applying for the course ensure that you will get legal firearms to advise from an attorney who has appropriate certificates, get guidance from an insider in the industry, get a professional course software and also get follow up training that is automatic.

Step 4

Apply for FFL

Once you have ensured that you meet all the requirements that are above, now that you have chosen the right type of FFL, the next step is to make the application. This may take more time depending on the location, and the multiple forms may need to be printed.