Highest Paying Jobs at Oracle

Before finding out to what extent an average employee earns at Oracle and what the highest paying jobs are, it is necessary to know a little Oracle background.

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational company that deals exclusively with computer technology. It has its headquarters located in California, USA. The company specializes in developing and marketing database software and technologies, cloud-based fully integrated systems, and other enterprise software products. The company also promotes its brads of these management systems. This way, not only is it able to market its products but also attract new clients to provide internet-based solutions.

In 2015, Oracle became the second-largest software organization by revenue, only second to the other tech giant, Microsoft. Oracle has employed over 135,000 people who work in different departments in the organization. Their net income is $6.5 million, while their revenue per annum is $38.7 million.
Over the past five years, the company has shown a positive trend concerning overall market growth. According to its annual reports, a growth of 1.4% has been recorded since 2015. 

Oracle offers a variety of different jobs that vary in terms of the education and skills required. Some are management-based, while most of them require expert technical knowledge. The salaries of all the employees are different and vary according to their respective jobs. If you are looking for answers to questions like does Oracle NYC pay higher, click the link to read the Forbes article about Oracle.

Amongst the 190 different job positions offered at Oracle, some of the highest paying jobs include the following.

Product Security Engineer

The product security engineer is also someone who is handsomely paid because this position also requires technical expertise. The person should be able to review security codes, enhance the current codes, coordinate with development teams and also help educate developers regarding the best available options to ensure safe and secure products for all the customers. As such, this is a technical role and also involves the hands-on application of software security. The product security engineer is expected to earn $120,000 to $160,000 annually.

Application Sales Representative

For this job, the candidate is supposed to sell business applications solutions and other services to potential as well as existing customers. The sales representative is also responsible for managing sales using forecasting techniques as well as other account resource allocation techniques. The candidate would also eventually negotiate with clients for ideal prices and contractual agreements to close the sales. An ideal candidate is also comfortable working in a team and should be able to achieve the sales objectives. An application sales representative is expected to earn $150,000 to $200,000 annually.

Cloud Operations Engineer

The cloud operations engineer ideally has a vast 10-year experience in the related field of software development and IT. The candidate typically has to be comfortable using different available technology software and is primarily responsible for troubleshooting and proactively managing technical issues as well as installing and configuring the hardware and software. Since this job requires significant technical expertise, it is handsomely paid as well. The Engineer is expected to earn $180,000 to $220,000 annually.