Where are the best Airport Lounges?

Airport lounges haven’t always been up to the expected standards. Most of them are overcrowded with furniture leaving little space for travellers’ comfort. In the recent times, airlines have strategized in using airport lounges to attract more customers. They have advanced their services to offer unique customer experiences that literally make one to forget that they are in an airport. The only thing that may resemble you of being in the airport is using car parking Anchorage airport for your car. Though, let’s go on about airport lounges. Some of the world’s classic airport VIP lounges are as follows.

> Qantas Airport Lounge Yoga Studio in Australia.

> Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse Hair Saloon in London & NY JFK.

> Lufthansa Whiskey & Smoking Room in Germany.

> Cathay Pacific Nap Rooms & Bubble Baths in Hong Kong.

> Emirates Champagne Tasting in Dubai.

Qantas Airport Lounge Yoga Studio-Australia

Perth’s Qantas Airport Lounge is among the best lounges in the modern world. Qantas Airline recently introduced a 17 hour direct flight from Perth to London. In an effort to enhance customers’ comfort before or after the long flight, the company came up with a yoga studio. The company has yoga instructors to lead the travellers in yoga classes. Shower facilities are also available to help customers refresh themselves as they prepare for the journey. In addition, an ample airport parking is available for customers checking or leaving the airport.

Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse Hair Saloon, London & NY JFK

These state-of-the-art airport lounges will completely relax customers as they wait to board their respective flights. The household company, Virgin Atlantic understands its diverse customer needs. Besides offering massages, the two lounges pride themselves with complimentary haircuts and other hair therapies from experienced employees. Customers can access varieties of services ranging from a quick blow dry to a classic buzz. However to access their services, you need to become a Virgin Atlantic Gold member.

Lufthansa Whiskey & Smoking Room, Germany

At their magnificent first class terminus, the lounge has a smoking room packed with scarce whiskies. It is one of the few lounges that cater for customer exclusive needs such as cigarette smoking. Most airport lounges prohibit smoking, making Lufthansa among the few exceptional. If you are not a smoker, the lounge gives you an opportunity to taste the most

sought after malts and spirits. Cigarette smokers will find this lounge the best in this part of the world. The lounge is accessible only to first class travellers and registered members of the exclusive HON Circle Club.

Cathay Pacific Nap Rooms & Bubble Baths, Hong Kong

Are you in Hong Kong and want to experience comfort and privacy? Cathay Pacific has you covered. Its private suites and bubble baths redefine privacy. The airline’s lounges with its private nap rooms rival some of the most prestigious hotels. Enjoy a private bath while cooling your throat with champagne. You will easily doze off as you wait for your flight to arrive. The lounge is exclusively accessible to OneWorld Emerald Members boarding OneWorld Operated plane or first class travellers.

Emirates Champagne Tasting, Dubai

Emirates highly regard champagnes. It has partnered with Moet Hennessy to allow its travellers to taste varieties of champagnes in its lounge. The first class travellers will be served with the $350 a bottle Dom Perignon P2 2000. Passengers flying in business class and above can access the lounge to enjoy its services. Economy class passengers can also access by paying their way in.