What Is Importer of Record and Why Is It Important

The movement of goods from one country into another is called importing. An importer of record is the owner or purchaser of products being imported into the country of destination. The person whose name is written on the goods to be shipped in, to reach them is known as the IOR. To get more info about an importer of records, continue reading.

What do IOR service proviers do?

They provide services related to the importer’s side or the destination of the goods. At times the international company you are purchasing goods with might not provide for you efficient and importation services. This is why you need an expert to handle your goods and work on importing clearance papers.

Handle documentation

These include:

  1. Proforma invoice is the inquiry about one of your products you intend to import.
  2. A commercial invoice which incles details of the importation and transactions from the start to the end.
  3. Packaging list which includes the details about the goods to be shipped such as the weight and the details of the IOR.
  4. Certificates of origin which tell the details of the origin of the goods being imported.
  5. Shipper’s letter of instruction contains all the information and contact details needed to import your product.
  6. Bills of landing which are either inland, ocean, or airway which is consigned to the carrier moving the goods internationally.
  7. Bank draft which allows the goods to be exchanged from the seller to the buyer in exchange for goods.
  8. Advice on the best means to get the goods imported and destination reached successfully.
  9. Manage logistic and custom services that the importer could do.
  10. Evaluate and advise on the best importer company to use for logistic purposes.
  11. Reverse logistics, track logistics, and provide value-added services.

Importance of importer of record

  • They eliminate the hustle of importing goods into the country. Some countries are very strict with documentation and inspection of the imported goods. An IOR organizes all the necessary licenses and permits that the owner of goods needs.
  • They are knowledgeable of the agencies to use when importing the goods both locally and internationally. As an individual one will have to learn a lot to have their goods reach them on time. An IOR works to ensure plenty of work is done on your behalf.
  • They ensure your goods reach you on time. Delays at the ports take time especially when the documents presented are incorrect and need rectification.
  • They offer quality services as most of these organizations dedicate their time and resources to the importation of goods. They also know how to handle goods that need special attention or care. They also work according to the regulations ensuring your goods are not held at the ports due to poor cooperation with an importing agent.

In conclusion, it is quite a hustle to get all your products imported conveniently and on time all by yourself. Especially if it is your first time. This is where one reaches out to an IOR agency to take over and ensure your products reach you on time.