What are the challenges of Traffic Control

Traffic controllers and traffic managers always have to face the music. It is needless to say that the job of traffic control is no easy task. Traffic controllers face numerous challenges in their call of duty on various occasions. These challenges may arise frequently or not at all, depending upon the place where they are enrolled as the traffic controllers. This factor is also dependent upon the type of person who is controlling the traffic. However, challenges do mostly occur. If the people on duty are not aware of them or are not careful enough, things could complicate greatly both for the specific individual and the traffic community in general.

Some of the challenges of traffic control are discussed in great detail below.


Even before starting off as a traffic controller, candidates face the challenge of fulfilling the criteria of having proper qualifications. Firstly, many people face the challenge of completing traffic courses. Some of these courses are available online as well as in training institutions. On an individual level, the traffic control course online may have some challenges of its own. Similarly, not everyone is comfortable in attending training sessions in training institutions as well. Next up is obtaining the White Card required. The White Card is required so that the traffic controllers can access places that are otherwise inaccessible because they might be under construction or some sort of a high profile project might be going on.

Extreme Weather

Perhaps the main challenge of a traffic controller is to resist extreme weather conditions. A traffic controller has to stand in the scorching heat for hours daily consistently. If it is not the heat, he must also have to resist the cold in winters, which can indeed be an unforgivable task. Even though the traffic controllers are provided with safety equipment by their employers, however, sometimes the weather can be unforgiving.

Safety of Traffic

Owing to the nature of the job, one of the most challenging aspects is to accommodate the flow of traffic and pedestrians in a way that is both extremely safe as well as efficient. Traffic controllers are faced with the challenge of maintaining a particular stream of traffic in a way that fits well with the objectives of the system and does not overburden the entire system. It is relatively challenging to do all this in one go, making the traffic control job a difficult task.


Traffic control is one of the most essential and critical elements of an efficient transport system. No system can be complete without ensuring that its players remain safe, and efficiency is attained in the process. This is precisely where traffic control comes into play. The few components of the traffic control system like elaborate operational procedures, rules, and regulations must be taken into consideration for traffic controllers to work effectively. However, this is no easy task as the traffic controllers and managers are faced with many challenges that need to be overcome regularly on a daily basis.