Top 5 Engineer Boots in 2020

Footwear is something that is not only really essential but also really versatile in terms of what they have the potential to offer to a single customer. Although there are shoes that can be worn for home, going to the bathroom, for partying, for dates, or just going out casually, there are some shoes that are somewhat technical in nature. These shoes are technical in the sense that they are used for very different and unique purposes. An example of such shoes is engineer boots. The year 2020 saw a lot of new addition to this unique line of footwear. For instance, the steel toe engineer boot is one that not only became very popular but is also very unique in terms of its appearance and functionality.

What is the Engineer Boot?

Engineer boots are an American type of boots that are also a traditional type of leather working boots. These boots were originally developed for American firefighters back in the 1930s, but with time they became popular and very trendy. From firefighters to the common people, everyone started to wear the engineer boot since they not only looked good but also provided great covering and warmth.

Here we talk about some of the most popular engineer boots of the year 2020.

Red Wing Engineer Boots

It is very hard to not include the Red Wing engineer boots in this year’s list of best engineer boots. This is primarily because just like the previous year, this year too, saw the use of the Red Wings increase significantly. The increase in usage can only be explained in the sense that the boots themselves are very convenient to wear and also offer premium leather that is not easily available elsewhere. The Goodyear welt construction coupled with a cork-filled insoles makes it a popular option, both in terms of style and comfort.

Frye Engineer 12R Boots

Another very popular option is the Frye 12R boots. These boots were originally crafted in the USA and made primarily from leather that is handcrafted. Even though the boots are a premium option, they are available at relatively low prices, making them a very popular choice amongst men.

White’s Nomad Boots

Perhaps the most stylish and unique engineer boots available in the market today are the White’s Nomads. These boots are unique in the sense that they are extremely tough and can withstand severely rough usage. People who wear the Nomads to work can rest assured that they are wearing something that is fashionable as well as durable.

Viberg Engineer Boots

Viberg’s entry into the options of engineer boots makes it an even more difficult task for people to choose their most suitable engineering boots since the boot is extremely stylish since it is made from genuine leather and brass hardware that looks extremely classy.

The Flat Head Welted Engineer Boots

Last is the Flat Head’s boots. These boots are made exclusively in Japan using state-of-the-art leather and are one of the rarest boots to find in the market making them relatively expensive as well.