TellHappyStar Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Feedback is indeed one of the most important things to focus on in a business. After-sales service is actually very underrated. However, it must be understood that without these services, a business will never know how it is performing. In fact, the business will remain unaware of the strengths as well as the shortcomings it is enduring. Such a lack of awareness and education can totally break a business apart since it is very important to know where the business itself stands as a whole. There are many ways to get transparent and accurate feedback. One of the most common ways is via a questionnaire or a customer satisfaction survey. This method is not only accurate but also very convenient for all parties as well. Surveys can be filled in physical form or online, like the TellHappyStar survey we are to tell you about today.

Feedback & Surveys

In today’s times, it is extremely convenient to get these feedback forms filled online. However, online surveys usually have an incentive attached to them. These incentives can be both monetary or non-monetary in nature. Incentives usually vary in the form of coupons, cheques, cash and bumper packages, etc. Many different companies get their surveys filled online. One of these companies includes Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Their survey is named as the TellHappyStar survey. The TellHappyStar customer satisfaction survey is very common and popular amongst the customers in general since it is not only convenient but filling it with sincerity leads to a lot of generous earnings as well.

Importance of Timely Feedback

Before going into the details of the survey and the questions that are usually asked, one must be fully aware of why companies actually conduct feedback surveys. Usually, feedback forms or surveys are filled by companies as a means to stay in touch with their customers. Indeed, surveys make the customer feel valued since they get to know that their opinions matter and have the power to shape up the operations of a company and also have the influence to cause changes within the company. Other than this, for the company personally, feedback is important because it gives them an indication of where they might be underperforming and how they could potentially up their game to improve on their quality. Timely feedback gives the company an assertion that they need to improve on their shortcoming and continue producing more of the same when it comes to their strengths. In cases where the company is doing good, and that is seen by the customers as well, this gives the company a good confidence booster that they can be even more productive in the future.

TellHappyStar Customer Survey

TellHappyStar is not a company itself. Rather, the online survey named after Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. is known as the TellHappyStar Customer Satisfaction Survey. This name is given after the company’s logo, which is literally a star with a smiling face. This survey is particularly popular amongst all fast food lovers as it offers the customers a chance to win vouchers that will help them get delicious Hardee’s meals at a discounted price and sometimes even for free. Hardee’s started off with this survey with an aim to provide the customers with an opportunity to share their candid feelings about the restaurant’s performance. Highlighting customer experience gave them a chance to improve on their performance and come up with offers that would make their customers even happier.

TellHappyStar Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

There are a variety of different questions in the TellHappyStar Customer Satisfaction Survey. Most of them revolve around the food being offered by Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. whilst others highlight employee productivity, order accuracy, the ambiance of the restaurant itself, and also how the company could possibly improve on their internal and external operations. Whilst the survey gives a good outlook on how the restaurants are performing, the more creative ideas are even implemented on many occasions.