How To Shrink New Era Cap

Caps can be both very stylish and very useful at the same time. While some might argue that a cap is mainly worn for protection from scorching sunlight, in reality most cap purchases these days are for other purposes. Most people nowadays buy a cap just to look cool or show support for something they are fans of. New Era Caps are some of the most famous caps available today. The company has a wide variety of caps including those for sports, lifestyle and even entertainment with Marvel hats.


The New Era Cap Company


Since the New Era Cap Company is the exclusive supplier of Major League Baseball, most baseball fans tend to own New Era Caps.


The company was founded in America in the year 1920 and is now an international brand with over 500 licenses.


One of the major issues with caps is when you order one and it just doesn’t fit right. While you might think the solution will be to just return it for a smaller one, the situation might not be always that convenient. As a result, a lot of people are wondering how they could just somehow shrink a New Era Cap.


How to Shrink a New Era Cap?


First and foremost, you should consider the cap’s material. If it is made up of cotton you can expect it to shrink about 30%. Wool and Polyester shrink much less with 20% and 5% respectively. However, regardless of the material used in the rest of the cap,


New Era Caps always have the Buckram that’s made out of cotton. The two crown panels on the front of your cap have a stiff cotton backing, which is what is referred to as the Buckram. As a result, all New Era caps can hence be shrunk.


This is done by wetting and drying the Buckram. Be warned if your cap is made of polyester. Since polyester shrinks much less than cotton, the buckram will shrink twice as much as the rest of the cap and result in warps and ripples.


A Step by Step Guide to Shrinking a New Era Cap


You can begin by placing a pot of water on the stove to boil. Use a pot that is smaller or similar in size to your cap’s headband for better results. Using a garment steamer is what will give you the best results.


A blow dryer will be required for the other half of the process. Hold the cap by the brim 6 inches away from the pot with boiling water. The goal is steam the inside of your crown and not the brim so avoid it at all costs. If you only mean to shrink the headband, you will need to place a plastic bag inside your crown, leaving only the headband exposed.


Steam the cap four times in periods that don’t exceed 30 minutes. make sure you do not steam the outside of your cap.


Set your blow dryer to the hottest setting and start drying the steamed parts of your cap. Your goal here is to dry the cap as fast as possible. The reason behind is when water evaporate quickly, fibers tend to contract beyond the original state


Furthermore, you will need to dry your hat completely or it will expand again. You might also need to do some shaping, brushing and fitting afterwards. Whether it’s your marvel hats or baseball caps that don’t fit too well, following these steps will solve your problem. Visit the links below to get a more thorough understanding.