How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?

Even today we come across a number of people who are struggling with the questions like “does YouTube really pay, how much does it pay?”. It pays well or not, it is a good career option or not, can some rely on it for all of his expenses or not? And the answer to all these questions is “yes”. Yes, it is a good career option, it can be a full-time career, it can earn you a decent amount of money. 

How does YouTube pay?

Like any other earning platform, YouTube also has some rules for its users, like you must have a watch time of particular hours. You also need to have a particular number of subscribers if you want to earn through YouTube.

How much does YouTube pay?


If you are earning money through Google Ads then the pay rate of YouTube may vary from area to area, this variation arises due to the variation in the rate offered by the advertiser. In many countries, advertisers may offer more amount of money per ad and in return, the publisher gets more money. Similarly, if in some countries an advertiser is offering only a few dollars, then a publisher will get a lesser amount of money. But keep in mind you can earn money by this process only if you fulfill the requirements of YouTube monetization policy i.e., you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

Recent statistics reveal that YouTubers can earn 18 dollars per 1000 ad views and this rate can vary in between 0.10 to 0.30 dollars per view.

Google pays to a publisher only 68 percent of the revenue offered by the advertiser. This means if the advertiser is paying 100 dollars for an ad, then Google pays 68 dollars of it to the publisher.

Sponsored videos

Along with it, one earns money on YouTube by making sponsored videos, in this way the sponsor of the video will be offering you a particular amount of money for the videos you will be making for him.

Affiliated links

Another way to earn money through YouTube is by incorporating the affiliated link along with the content. Basically, you incorporate this link to promote any sort of business. Whenever someone will buy something by using your link, you will get paid for it. You can offer some discounts on shopping by using your link so that more people will reach out to your link and in return, there will be an increase in your income. Sometimes it may take in between 6 months to a year to earn some profit by this method, you can reduce this time by working on content you are delivering or by improving the quality of affiliated products.

Hence, there are a number of ways to earn money through YouTube, you just need to be honest, passionate, and hardworking. Once you start doing well in this industry, you can choose it as your full-time career option, like other social media influencers.