How Many Different Types of Shoes Does Nike Have?

Nike was established in 1964, at that time it was named as Blue Ribbon Sports, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. However, they changed their name to Nike on 30th May 1971. Nike is considered as a global brand for designing, manufacturing, and marketing sports footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories. Nike exports its products to almost all the countries of the world having multiple stores in major cities. Nowadays you can find almost all the Nike products in thousands of sports stores all across the globe, from Nike stores NJ to stores in Beijing China.

The estimated revenue of Nike in 2012 was 24.1 billion. According to a report, Nike has given employment to over 44000 employees worldwide either directly or indirectly. Famous athletes from different sports around the world endorse Nike products like Ronaldinho, a soccer player who was playing for Barcelona Football Club at that time, appeared in the advertisement for Nike product. Another huge endorser of Nike products in the international Golf player Tiger Woods.

Types of shoes Nike offers

Running shoes

These shoes were the first product made specifically for runners by Nike. Introduced by Nike in 1979, these shoes used air sole cushioning technology which proved to be a game-changer for the company. In the same year, these shoes become the top-selling running shoes in the USA. These shoes are divided into three categories Neutral, cushioned and motion control.

Neutral Shoes

These shoes are designed for those runners whose feet don’t roll inward or outward during running. They don’t need any kind of support from their shoes when they are running. Example of this kind of shoes Air Zoom Vomero.

Motion Control

These shoes are designed keeping in mind the runners whose feet roll outward or inward during their running.


Cushioned shoes are those shoes that are made for runners that need an extra bit of support to maintain their balance; for instance, Nike Air Span.

Basketball shoes

Nike started making shoes for basketball athletes in 1972. The first pair of shoes Nike introduced this year was Bruin and Blazer. Their most famous shoes in this category are Air Jordan which was introduced in late 1980. Nike Air Jordans are still manufactured today with some modifications in design

Soccer and Football shoes

Nike has also produced shoes for football and soccer players. Currently, Nike soccer shoe models are much sleeker, lightweight, and have a much more futuristic look than competitors.

Golf shoes

Nike began manufacturing Golf shoes in late 1980. Now they are producing more than 20 different models for men, women, and children. These shoes are made of synthetic leather.


Nike is a global footwear brand making footwear for athletes of almost all the major sports. Nike is making quality footwear for decades without compromising quality. Apart from that, this company is responsible for bringing innovation in sports footwear.