Here’s How Outsourcing Software Development Brings Benefits

Have you considered outsourcing software development to some company abroad? Perhaps you need some more evidence for why it is a worthwhile enterprise. We will examine some apparent benefits of it in today’s blog.


7 Main Reasons to Consider Outsourcing

Such giants like Apple or Google don’t shrink from the practice, outsourcing large pieces of their work to IT companies to other parts of the world. Moreover, the most recent research about outsourcing for big gamers in this arena states that 94% of Fortune 500 companies outsource work for one of their core products. Moreover, because of the cost efficiency, they typically outsource their IT projects to either Asian countries or choose Ukraine software development companies.


There are many different reasons why businesses choose to outsource:


  1. They desire to manage their financial risks by allocating part of the development done by an in-house team and by outsourcing the other bits and pieces of it to external teams.
  2. They have a small additional project that is not the main part of their business initiatives, making it wise to look for an international team of IT specialists to work on it.
  3. They are not people with technical background, and therefore, they need a skilled team and a tech lead to see all the ins and outs of the business and can materialize their requirements into tech.
  4. They are a big company that is willing to do some upgrading of their internal workflow processes, but they don’t possess the necessary resources to get this job done.
  5. They are uninformed in some areas of technology.
  6. They can start the project more quickly if an external team is hired rather than an in-house team is recruited.
  7. Tech hubs in big megapolises like Berlin, Boston, London, etc. are way too expensive.


What are other benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing Helps Companies Manage Risk

Entrepreneurs choose to outsource their work to minimize (or better altogether avoid) the risk of wrong investment. That is especially important for new enterprises.


Outsourcing doesn’t presuppose long-term commitment. You can draw up a contract for only a few weeks or months – just enough to persuade your potential investors and clients to support your cause.


On the other hand, recruiting implicates signing up for a long-term contract which makes you employ your programmers. It leads to hiring additional staff members which brings more obligations added to your business. As a result, you may end up paying more than less.


Finding a reliable software company is savvy not only for the initial phases of work but even for later stages, to curtail both risks and unnecessary costs.


There’ll be moments when your team will be juggling with up to nine things at the same time. There’ll be a time when you will either want to or will be forced to slow down the pace for some reason. For instance, your frontend team will be waiting for the backend devs to complete their portion of the project. Or worse, you might be short of funds. At times, you will have to rethink your business model and strategies.


No matter what the reason may be, outsourcing is there to allow you to expand your team and shrink it when needed. This approach doesn’t necessitate to keep your devs waiting and still paying their salaries. And that is the hugest boon of outsourcing, won’t you agree?


Seeking the golden mean, some of our clients choose to keep some bits of development for in-house teams and outsource the rest to external teams. It is done based on the needs and purposes of each company.

Wrapping up:

There are many benefits of outsourcing. You will be able to scale your team up and down based on your business needs and scope. No need to find local programmers, you can actually tap into the resources of the best devs across the world and work with them when needed. Why not try it?